Join our Monthly
Support Team!

3 reasons to join our Monthly Support Team

1. Monthly support is the BEST way to fund relationship-driven ministry. Our mission is expressly Christ-centered, and relationship-driven. We want to love our neighbors, equip them in their God-given potential, and elevate them to a position of leadership where they can make an impact for Christ. This doesn’t happen overnight. We’re playing the long game. We need supporters willing to play that long game with us!

2. Monthly support creates a stronger foundation for partnership. Jesus teaches that our hearts are tethered to our treasure. We’ve always wanted our supporters to be our partners, in the truest sense of the word. We need more than just financial support... Our students and team need prayer, and encouragement as well. We’ve found our monthly support team to be a regular source of encouragement. The thoughtful notes dropped off, or the responses to newsletters are such a deep source of encouragement for each of us.


3Monthly support is practical. As of 2020, close to 50% of our giving was received through generous individual gifts made at various times throughout the year. Here’s what that means for us: we enter every new year with a level of uncertainty around nearly half of our budget. So while we thank God for every gift given to support our work, we would love to see more of our givers (who give at various times throughout the year) join our monthly support team. Why? It allows us to reclaim a great degree of time and energy for our ministry programs, and practically, it helps us more accurately forecast our budget, and plan for our programs. We want to invest as much of our time as possible in the lives of the students God has called us to serve. Monthly support helps us do that in a very tangible way.